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Semi-Annual Junk Pickup Day

November 8, 2018

Normal junk pickup consists of hot water heaters, washers, dryers, dishwashers, couches, chairs, coffee/end tables, boxed toys, garage items, tools, grills, mattress/boxsprings (must be wrapped in plastic ), bicycles, lawn mowers, refrigerators* etc. The following is a general guideline of what is NOT ACCEPTABLE for pickup of “normal” household items. This is NOT for huge volumes such as rental cleanout, foreclosures, evictions, full basement cleanouts, repossessions, flood, fire. “A DUMPSTER IS REQUIRED FOR SUCH EVENTS”
Demolition /construction material ..studs,drywall,sinks,tubs,toilets . A dumpster is required for construction, renovation , redecorating. Cabinets must be broken down to small pieces no longer than 4-5’ If items can fit into a 90 gal ID cart they are acceptable. Carpet must be cut into 4’ rolls and tied for handling.
Large amounts of fencing …a few planks may be ok if no longer than 4-5ft. in length…must be tied and bundled for pickup
No concrete….blocks,bricks etc.
No liquids of any kind…paint, thinners, pesticides household cleaners, motor oils, fuels. Wet paint can be “solidified” with kitty litter or granular absorbant material from automotive supply stores
No medical bio-hazards…sharps, chemo diapers, oxygen tanks
Lawn mowers must have gas tanks removed and broken down as much as possible
Gas grilles are acceptable…with no propane tanks of any kind,..grilles must have tank removed and broken down as much as possible
Swing sets and basket ball goals, mailboxes must be broken down as much as possible..no pieces more than 4-5ft long…no concrete
No tires or large car parts..fenders, hoods, trunk lids etc.
* Freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners – must have freon / refrigerant captured and removed by certified HVAC technician and unit tagged for acceptable pickup. Freon is considered hazardous waste
No landscaping material such as…logs, railroad ties, landscape timbers or concrete blocks. No dirt, sod.
No yard waste material (in Jefferson County this must be collected separately with yard service) …no fire logs, stumps , shrubs etc.


November 8, 2018