City Ordinances


  1. All new construction, exterior renovation or excavation of any kind (including, but not limited to, driveways, fences, garages or out buildings) need prior approval from the Architectural Control Committee. 150.02
  2. Detached garages must be constructed of the same or similar material as the residence of the lot. Also subject to approval and county building permit.152.17
  3. Grass must be mowed before it reaches six (6) inches in height. 91.01
  4. No junked or abandoned vehicles (including vehicles with expired license plate or vehicles which are non-functional). 91.23
  5. On-street parking and yard parking are prohibited except during (i) inclement weather or (ii) driveway repair work or (iii) periodic gatherings, BUT any permitted on-street parking shall not restrict the safe passage of emergency vehicles or otherwise cause the existence of unsafe conditions. 70.20
  6. When on your property, all dogs and cats must be confined behind the front corner of your residence. All pets must be under owner’s control with a leash if taken off your property. 90.01
  7. All lot owners must maintain their lot(s) so as not to detract from the general appearance of the subdivision. 91.01
  8. Fences shall not exceed six (6) feet in height and you must receive prior approval from the City to construct a fence. 150.20
  9. Trash cans must be stored so they are not visible from front of home. Trash cans should not be placed at curb more than 24 hours before pickup and they should be removed within 24 hours after pickup. 50.01
  10. Commercial signs are prohibited (except signs designating the lot as “for sale”), or when actual work is being done. 91.05

It’s a fact that Emergency Response Teams can be hindered by the lack of or by poor address posting. Script and Roman numerals do not promote easy identification in an emergency situation and mailbox placement may cause confusion. The City of Goshen respectfully requests that each homeowner post his property, in accordance with Oldham County Law, by using Arabic numerals on the door or house itself. The number should contrast well with the color of your home and be clearly visible from the street. This small action on your part could help save your life or the life of someone you care about.

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